Rheinmetall wins major order for exhaust gas recirculation valves

6. June 2023

An internationally active new customer in the truck sector has awarded Rheinmetall AG a strategically important first order for exhaust gas recirculation valves. The order encompasses poppet valves and flap valves for applications in the heavy- and medium-duty domain. These components meet the most stringent Euro 7 requirements for exhaust gas valves. Over lifetime volume comes to nearly one million units. The order is worth a figure in the three-digit million euro range.

Full-scale delivery commences in 2026, including the supply of spare parts. The new order has the potential to develop into a long-term partnership. Exhaust gas recirculation systems cut nitrogen oxide emissions and reduce fuel consumption. The components here are compact, robust poppet and flap valves with a long service life and high positioning accuracy. Given the increasingly stringent emission legislation in the USA, Asia and Europe, demand for long-term support in the internal combustion engine segment is set to remain strong in future.

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