Green hydrogen, made in South Africa

2. December 2022

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Innovative, turnkey, mobile: Rheinmetall’s South African subsidiary Denel Munition has developed a modular system for generating, storing and transporting zero-carbon hydrogen. It ensures a secure supply of energy in a climate-neutral way – in industrial and civil settings as well as in expeditionary and other outdoor contexts. The concept is based on electrolysis technology, whereby water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen. The electricity required for this is generated in a carbon-free process using solar panels; wind power and hydropower can also be used to generate the electricity. The green hydrogen obtained is in gas form, making it suitable for unlimited shipment worldwide.

The concept was unveiled at the end of September at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) Exhibition in Pretoria. The different components of the Rheinmetall system can be modularly combined to form stationary systems and mobile applications alike.

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