Rheinmetall signs contracts to produce 40mm ammunition

18. January 2023

Two European NATO customers have signed contracts with Rheinmetall to supply their armed forces with 40mm ammunition. The total value of these contracts exceeds €30 million. In December 2022 a European NATO customer has contracted with Rheinmetall to supply up to 300,000 rounds of 40mm ammunition, including LV (low velocity) and HV (high velocity) variants.

Under this framework contract, this customer has already issued a first call-off of around 75,000 cartridges. Under a separate contract, the same customer will be taking delivery of some 45,000 programmable cartridges in 40 mm x 53 HV HE-T ABM (High velocity High Explosive-Tracer Airburst Munition) calibre in the first half of 2024. Another European NATO customer will be supplied with around 10,000 rounds of the same type of ammunition, which is mainly used for combating drones. Delivery will take place starting in mid-2023.
The latest orders underscore Rheinmetall’s status due to top supplier of combat ammunition for NATO and other European armed forces. One of the world’s leading experts in the field of advanced ammunition technology, the Group continues to expand its strategic position in the European market.