Major order for refrigerant compressors

5. January 2023

Rheinmetall has won a major order worth over €770 million (including valued added tax) in the highly competitive market for stationary refrigerant compressors. It is the largest-ever single order booked by one of the Group’s non-military units – here the Sensors and Actuators division – outside the conventional automotive sector.

Importantly, the order marks the successful continuation of Rheinmetall’s diversification strategy in the industrial domain. Crucial factors in this sales success were, first and foremost, the outstanding key performance data and long service life of the refrigerant compressor as well as the use of propane (R290), an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

After selecting a refrigerant compressor model with direct current electronics, the buyer, an industrial customer, entered a long-term supply contract with Rheinmetall. This compressor is similar in design to those used in motor vehicles. However, multiple modifications were carried out to prepare it for the special industrial purpose, including the basic design and the hardware and software. This gives the compressors a significantly greater service life; above all, it meets the applicable standards in the field. Special importance was attached to the changeover to R290, a natural refrigerant. The system is highly integrated and extraordinarily compact. Refrigerant compressors draw a gaseous refrigerant into a close circuit, compressing it to the prescribed working pressure. To minimize wear and tear in the compressor, the refrigerant is mixed with oil, which lubricates the compressor while simultaneously strengthening the seal during the compression process in accordance with the principle of displacement. With the right design, these compressors assure a high degree of effectiveness coupled with a long service life and low operating noise. Depending on the process control, highly efficient heating and cooling performance can be achieved, making the refrigerant compressor a valuable tool for minimizing CO2 emissions.