ILA Berlin: Taking responsibility in the dimension air

29. May 2024

Rheinmetall will once again be one of the exhibitors at the aerospace trade fair ILA Berlin in 2024. The traditional exhibition will take place from 5 to 9 June 2024, right next to the capital’s BER airport in Berlin-Schoenefeld. “Taking responsibility in dimension air,” will be the motto for the Duesseldorf-based technology group and present, amongst other things, cannon-based air defence solutions (stationary and mobile), reconnaissance capabilities in air and space, effective instruments for increasing the combat effectiveness of established systems (loitering munition) and the industrialisation of high technology for Germany.

The highlights of Rheinmetall’s trade fair presentation in 2024 include:

  • • Skyranger 30 air defence system
  • • Laser weapon demonstrator (LWD)
  • • Airborne reconnaissance system LUNA NG
  • • Loitering ammunition
  • • F-35 fuselage centre section production

More information on the solutions and technologies shown at the ILA can be found here.

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