Hero LM Systems – Precision Strikes on Call

2. December 2022

Hero 120 Launch
Hero 301
Hero 120
Hero 400EC

The strategic partnership between Rheinmetall and the Israeli company UVision Air Ltd. is beginning to bear fruit. At the heart of this venture is the HERO family of loitering munitions. Rheinmetall is already marketing UVision products in Europe. Plans exist for future joint development activities. Rheinmetall has thus added an ultra-modern new product to its existing range of service and practice ammunition. The term “loitering munition” refers to its ability to stay aloft over the target area for a prolonged period undetected, enabling to instantly strike emerging targets. Various armed forces of NATO, the EU and other partner nations already use this ammunition. A key benefit of HERO loitering munition is its high precision, which also minimizes the risk of collateral damage.

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