H2 energy: Rheinmetall’s Hydrogen Products and Technology unit wins new multimillion-euro order

28. August 2023

Rheinmetall has won a new order worth a figure in the lower two-digit million-euro range for cathode and shut-off valves from one of Europe’s largest and most influential specialists for fuel cell applications in the heavy transport sector. The total order volume in this product category thus increases to EUR 50 million in 2023. Around €200 million has already been booked for all fuel cell components this year.

The total number of series customers for cathode flaps rises to six companies and the Group continues to widen its lead as a global supplier of flaps and valve systems. The order vindicates once again Rheinmetall’s strategy of focusing on hydrogen-related components, while simultaneously helping to pave the way for the automotive industry’s successful transformation from conventional drive technology to modern, environmentally friendly mobility.

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