Game Changer: The Panther KF51 Main Battle Tank

2. December 2022

The latest member of Rheinmetall’s family of tracked armoured vehicles, the Panther is destined to be a game changer on the battlefields of tomorrow. This innovative main battle tank concept made its spectacular debut at the Eurosatory 2022 trade fair. It sets new standards across the board – lethality, force protection, situational awareness, connectivity and mobility. With a combat weight of around 59 tons, the KF51 Panther is far more mobile than any current main battle tank. Its main armament, the 130mm Rheinmetall Future Gun System, gives the Panther superior firepower, making it more than a match for all current and foreseeable threats. KF stands for “Kettenfahrzeug”, German for tracked vehicle.

It is one of the strongest systems of our time. Its sensors and digital architecture enhance the tank’s reconnaissance capability and connectivity and, along with passive, reactive and active protection technologies, significantly increase the survivability of the crew. (Foto: The Panther KF51 main battle tank at the Rheinmetall proving ground in Unterlüss.)

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