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Issue 01/24

Focus topic: Conflicts

Advanced technology and digitalization are changing the face of modern armed conflict. Yet at the same time, traditional forms of warfare are experiencing a comeback. Our focus shows how hybrid threats are developing into a long-term strategic challenge for NATO and the EU. And why integrated security is essential today.


  • Interview with Dagmar Steinert: The Rheinmetall CFO discusses new markets, future investments and responsible business activity.
  • Made in Austria: Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles is the exclusive supplier of military trucks for the Austrian armed forces. And for good reason.
  • Cobots with a careful touch: With its internally developed collaborative robot systems, Rheinmetall subsidiary Pierburg is delivering greater efficiency and cost effectiveness at the Neuss site.

Issue 02/23

Focus: Hydrogen

Without hydrogen, it will be impossible for industry and the military to achieve carbon neutrality. The processes involved in producing, storing and transporting this prized gas are still not viable on a mass scale. Rheinmetall wants to change this and make valuable contributions to protecting the climate and ensuring global energy security with its innovations. Our cover story shines a light on activities within the Group and showcases some major players and pioneers in the highly promising hydrogen economy.


  • Joining forces for Ukraine: Rheinmetall provides urgently needed ammunition for the Gepard anti-aircraft vehicle.
  • In the powder factory: Rheinmetall subsidiary Nitrochemie produces propellant powder for ammunition around the clock – a site portrait.
  • Technological innovation: Glass-fiber springs are playing an increasingly important role in chassis-building.

Issue 01/23

Focus topic: Security

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is challenging Europe and the world. For Germany, the EU and NATO, the invasion represents a profound turning point – and with it, serious changes in security policy. As one of the largest suppliers of armed forces in Germany and Europe, Rheinmetall is in the public eye and in a position of responsibility as perhaps never before. An overview of the most important developments.


  • Interview with Armin Papperger: Rheinmetall’s CEO talks about the changing times, responsibility and militancy.
  • Sustainability in the company: What was considered “nice to have” not all that long ago is now a determining factor in long-term business success
  • The Scandinavian Challenge: More than 650 militarized trucks for Norway and Sweden in 42 variants – a real challenge for the contractor.